Symphonic-Power Metal Vol.1 (2015) MP3
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Сборник опубликован: 6-10-2015, 15:11 | Разместил: | Просмотрено: 692

Информация о релизе | Album info:

Дата | Date: 6-10-2015, 15:11
Качество звука | Quality: MP3 / 320
Композиций | Number of songs: 200
Продолжительность | Duration: 13 часов
Размер | Size: 2.18 GB

Раздел | Category: Музыка торрент / Сборники / Зарубежные сборники
Теги | Keyword: Metal Rock

Список композиций | Tracklist:

(Now I See) Through a Mirror Darkly
A Devil's Fairground Ride
A Greater Purpose
A Mother's Revenge
A New Dawn
A New World
A Perfect Day
A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall
Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed,
Act I - Never (Deep Winter)
Adiastasia - Father of Light
Admiral Over The Oceans
After Forever
After the Storm
All I Could Ever Be
All You Need To Know (feat. Michael Kiske)
Amigo Del Viento
Amulet of Justice
Angel Inspiration
Angus McFife
Anima Mundi
Avylonia (That's How The Story Began)-UNICORN
Ballad Of The Knight
Battle Of The Living Dead
Beast Slayer
Beautiful Autumn Day
Before The Dawn (2)
Before The Dawn
Behold the Face of Your Enemy
Best of Times
Between The Hammer And The Anvil
Beyond Earth
Black Majesty - Dragon Reborn
Black Sheep
Black Symphony
Blank File
Blinded Eyes
Born to Fly
Breaking Away
Breath Of Salvation
Bring Us The Light
Broken Alliance
Built a World (Bonus Track)
Burn Down The Night
Burning in the Moonlight
Burning Skies
Burning Time
Call Out My Name
Carousel Of Pain
Caught in Their Wicked Game
Celtic Land (feat. Jonne)
Chasing My Life
Chosen One
Cloud Factory
Cut Em Down
Daltor The Dragonhunter
Dawn of Rage
Dawn Of Solace
Deadly Sleep
Dear Evelyn
Deep Tears Of Tragedy
Dine In The Hell
Divine Astronomy
Do You Feel Good
Don't Say A Word
Dr. Daydream
Dweller In A Dream
El Lobo y el Arca
End Of The Ride
End Of The World
Epic Fail
Eternal Days
Eternal Flames Of Metal
Eternal Mind
Ethereal Ocean
Evil Needs Candy Too
Eye of the Storm
Face in the Crowd
Face Of Death
Face Your Death
Fairies` Secret Garden
Faith In Steel
Fall A Prey
Far Away
Far Beyond
Farewell (2)
Fast As A Shark
Faster Than The Storm
Fate Is Calling
Feed Your Mind
Fell My Rage
Femme Fatale
Fifth Element
Fight (2)
Fight To Win
Final Victory
First To Fight
Flag In The Ground
Flag Of Life (Sun Serenade, Opus II)
Flame Of Olympus
Flames Of Revenge
For The Kingdom
Forest Of Destiny
Forever Damned
Freedom Call
Freewheel Burning
Frozen Salanthine
Fugue State
Galloglass - Dragons Revenge
Ghost Town
Give Me The Night
Gladiator of Rome (Part II)
Gods Of War
Golden Worm
Goodbye my Friend
Great Heaven's Climb
Guardians Of The Underground
He Sleeps In A Grove
Heaven's Calling
Heavy Metal (is the Law) (Helloween cover, digipak bonus track)
Hell Was Made In Heaven
Heroic Death
High Treason
Higher and Higher
Hijo De La Luna
Hold On Forever - Illusion
I Hear Voices
I Share With You This Dream
I Want Out
I Want The World... And Everything In It
I Will Build You a Rome
I Will Rule The Universe
Identity In Christ
If I Could Turn Back Time (Japanese bonus track)
I'm Back
Imaginary Word
In The Shadows
In the Sign of the Valiant Warrior
In Thy Power
Infinity's call
Inshadows Lost From The Brave
Inside The Winter Storm
Inside Your Mind
Into The Fire
Jack The Frost (The Single)
King Of The North
King Of The Sky
King Of Transylvania
Kohti Kolossien Maata
La Morada del Alquimista
La Penitencia del Noble
La Profecia
Land of the Kings
Last Dance
Last Quest Pt. 2
Last Solution
Learning To Believe
Legend Within
Light Of Hate
Lightbringer Returns
Lion Attack
Lion Of The Northe
Live Forever
Lord Of Mortals

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