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Сборник опубликован: 8-10-2015, 15:05 | Разместил: | Просмотрено: 2 196

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Информация о релизе | Album info:

Дата | Date: 8-10-2015, 15:05
Качество звука | Quality: MP3 / 320
Композиций | Number of songs: 200
Продолжительность | Duration: 13 часов
Размер | Size: 2.13 GB

Раздел | Category: Музыка торрент / Сборники / Зарубежные сборники
Теги | Keyword: Metal Rock

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Список композиций | Tracklist:

Losing My Insanity
Lost in your eyes
Lost On a Dying World
Lovebearing Storm
Magic Dragon
Majesty of The Mithrill Mountain
Mask Of Lies
Master of Confusion
Memories Of Time
Metal Crue
Metal Invasion
Metal Machine
Mighty Son Of The Great Lord
Moment of Faith
Mother Earth
My Queen Of Winter
My Spirit Will Go On
My Spoiled Reign
Never Surrender
Neverworld (Power Quest II)
New Dawn
New Era
Night of the Black Swan
Noche Eterna
Nuclear Boomerang (New Song)
On The Run
Open Your Life
Out Of The Shadows
Over And Over
Pahaksi Parkittu Lalli
Paint Me Dead
Past Time Memories
Perpetual Twilight
Poison Kiss
Priests of War
Pro Memoria
Queen of Egypt
Queen of Swords
Rabbits' Hill
Rabia Y Dolor
Reach Out For
Red Devil
Reinxeed Alliance
Religious liberty
Riding Into Hell
Riding On Fire
Rising Angel
River Of Death
River Of Tuoni
Rome Is Falling
Run Like the Wind
Running To The Edge
Sacrament of Wilderness
Saint Patrick's Day
Sanctified with Dynamite
Saunaherran Kunniaksi
Save our souls
Say Goodbye
Screams In The Wind
Sea of Fate
Secret Signs
See My Commands
Set the Heavens on Fire
Seven times eternity
Shadows And Rain
Silent Hunter
Silent Voices - Illusion
Slaves In A Holy War
Snowy Laces
Soldier Of 3 Armies
Son Of Rainbow
Sons Of Avalon
Spartacus And The Sun Beneath The Sea (Digipak Bonus Track)
Speed And Danger
Star Of Delusive Hopes
Stargate Atlantis
Starlight Reverie
Steel Maker (Previously Unreleased)
Storming Across Heaven
Strike Like Thunder
Supersonic Speed
T. V. War
Tales Of The Bold
Temple of the Sun
The Beginning Is Near
The Black Book (feat. Ralph Scheepers)
The Book Of Drake-UNICORN
The Cage
The Charge
The Darkest Tale
The Dragon's Lair
The Dying Ember
The Emperors Return
The End Of The World
The Final Call
The Final Day
The Final Daylight
The Final Hour
The Frozen Path
The Headsman
The Last Free Land
The Last Frontier
The Longest Night (Japanese Bonustrack)
The Meaning Of Forever
The Mirror of my Silence
The Mission
The Night Of The Age
The Omega Men
The Paradise Lost
The Path
The Price
The Race
The Rising Sands
The Sandman
The Scream
The Silent Mermaid
The Spell
The Sun In My Life
The Sword And The Shield
The Triumph
The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee
The Wanderer’s Note
The Warrior Princess
The Whisper Of Ancient Rocks
The WizardQueen
The World Will Be Better
Throne Of The Dawn
Through The Fire And Flames
Tides Of War
Time Has Come
Time Of Fantasy Part Ii
Timeless Miracle - Curse of the werewolf
To Mother Earth
Touch In The Night
Trail Of Tears
Trapped In The Night
Travellers In Time
Twilight Of The Gods
Twilight Of The Thundergod
Two Hearts
Unchain The Rain
Under Siege
Union Of The Storm
Valley Of The Damned
Victim Of Fate
Voice of Conscience
Voices in My Head
Voices in Your Heart
War Of The Universe
War Of The World
Warrior's Heart
Water Maid
We Are One
We Must Go Faster
We Will Find a Way
When Forever Ends
When The Rain Begins To Fall
Where The Sea Ends
Who Are You
Who’s Gonna Bury Me
Wildfire, Part III - Wildfire Town, Population 0
Wind Rider
Wind Whispers
Winds Of War
Wings Of Forever
Wings Of Icaros
World's End
X Marks The Spot
Yön kuningatar
Your Glory Won't Last Forever
Your Time Has Come

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